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Photographer  /  Retoucher

Matt Geeling

Matt Geeling Photography London


Matt Geeling is an Commercial Photographer with over 14 years experience working in the photographic and film industry.

Matt lead a very successful freelance career for many years, he then started working full time at Burberry's Global Headquarters in London.

It was during this 5 year period where he honed in on his expertise.

Matt's specialities lie in Product and Fashion Photography, as well as high end digital retouching.

His extensive and precise knowledge of photography, lighting, colour, composition and digital retouching allow him to create and capture stunning and impactful images throughout all the photographic genres.


Matt Geeling is represented by D-Style Management and SPRA London as an advertising photographer, videographer and high end digital retoucher.

He is also a designated brand ambassador for the Freelancer Club.


Matt Geeling studied Advertising (BA Visual Brand Communications) in South Africa at the AAA School of Advertising where he specialised in Art Direction.


He has been trained by famous fashion photographer Nick Knight where he graduated from the prestigious Mastered: Photography in 2016. He has also been trained by some of the top leading digital retouchers from across the globe.





Matt is an extremely driven individual that is incredibly passionate about his work, he aims to be the best at what he does, always producing work to a very high standard and will always go that

extra mile for his clients. He has a natural and dogmatic attitude

for over coming problems in all aspects of production.






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